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This is a list and definition of service offerings and their associated costs.

Live Event Recording - Using platform specific recording the event will be recorded and hosted on that platform(s) server. $200 - based on 60 minute event - event extension (see below) begins after 75 minutes of recording.

Platforms currently supported

  • Live Meeting
  • WebEx
  • Adobe Connect Pro

30 minute Event Extension for recording live event - $100

Event Cancellation fee - $75 - based on 60 minute event - if more than 5 working days out, no charge. Within 2 days of the event, the client is charged in full for the event.

Event reschedule fee - $50 - Rescheduling an event occurs every time the client changes the event date or time from the originally scheduled event. Events rescheduled with 2 days of the live event date/time will be charged in full for the original event price.

2-4 day Quick Turn - $100 - for scheduled live recording (if available) - + the cost of the services requested.

1 day Quick Turn for scheduled live recording (if available) - $200 + the cost of the services requested.

After Hours - $200 per hour based on 5am-5pm PT standard work day + the cost of the services requested.

Non-Platform Recording of live event - $400 - Using 3rd party software to record the event - event still takes place on one of the supported platforms. Deliverable is any file type deliverable except platform specific eg, WebEx/.wrf-.arf. To be delivered to client with one of our delivery protocols (FTP-Dropbox-Hightail) or client provided delivery tool.

File Hosting per year/per file - $150 - Hosted with 3rd party vendor (Camtasia/TechSmith)

General Media Work - $125 per hour

Event Recreation - $425 - based on 60 minute event, audio and slides needed (can possibly use additional recorded material based on type). This service is the creation of an event after the live event has taken place but was not recorded via the event platform (WebEx or Live Meeting or Connect Pro) in its entirety or one of either the audio or video was not recorded do to some failure. Audio is needed in some form. Slides or the visual component must be available as well.

File Conversion - $100 - based on 60 minute event - access to original file or streamed event needed (this is the conversion of a platform specific file type eg. WebEx/.arf & .wrf, Live Meeting/.wmv or Connect Pro/.swf)

Pre-recorded event + 1 playback - $650 - based on 60 minute event

Prerecorded Voice Services - Intro and Outro as well as entire event recorded events. Content must be provided by client. Intro and outro need 1 full business day to complete. Full events need 3-5 full business days to complete. An event is up to 1 hour of event.

Custom Made wrappers for hosted files on 3rd party vendor (Screencast)

Advertising - ?

Intro or Outro Only - $15

Intro & Outro - $25

Record Entire Audio Event - Up to 60 minutes of content - $500 - Scrip must be provided along with pronunciation guide for medical or foreign words

Prerecorded Advertising Podcasts to be hosted by GL at 3rd party vendor (Screencast)

Custom Services - Contact us for your specific needs.