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Voice Talent

Prior to establishing Greenleaf Voice Talent, James has spent most of his career working with people over the phone. He was often struck by how powerful a voice can be and how it can elicit a certain feeling or convey a specific message. These observations led James to follow his creativity into the field of voice talent.

In his years in the web media industry, James’ voice was described by many as “warm caramel” or “a cozy blanket.” It was with this feedback that he began taking classes at Edge Studio, thus growing his passion for this new field.

The Voice Over industry is an ever expanding industry with many facets. At Greenleaf not only do we want to bridge Web Media and Voice Talent in basic ways, but also we are excited to explore the vast medium and provide complimentary services. We feel that by joining both of these fields we will be providing two services that are in high demand.

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